Neurotoxins 101: Level I

The "Neuromodulators 101" course provides a detailed introduction to neuromodulators, such as Botox. Designed for healthcare professionals, it covers the pharmacology and aesthetic uses of neuromodulators. The curriculum delves into the mechanism of action, clinical indications, and its role in cosmetic treatments. The course emphasizes a clinical understanding through lectures, case studies, and discussions, blending theoretical knowledge with practical insights into neuromodulators' role in medicine and aesthetics.


You will learn about the fundamentals of neuromodulators, their roles in medical and cosmetic treatments, and their mechanisms of action within the nervous system.

Our comprehensive program covers a wide range of topics, including the history of neuromodulators, their development, types, and the ethical considerations in their use. The course offers an in-depth look at the treatments of Frown lines, crows, feet, expression lines, bunny lines, and a few other areas, and its cosmetic uses in reducing wrinkles.

Structured with engaging lectures, interactive discussions, and case studies, this course is ideal for medical professionals such as RNs, APRNs, PAs, NPs, MDs, DDS, and DO, curious about the role of neuromodulators in modern medicine and aesthetics. Enroll in Neuromodulators 101 today to begin your journey into the dynamic and evolving field of neuromodulators!

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